The anti-spam “Penguin Update” will have more jolts in the coming months, as Google continues to adjust it.

Penguin takes care of the spam activities including unnatural link spam, too high keyword density i.e. keyword stuffing and other factors. However, this fight of Penguin against spam was a nightmare for most of SEO masters and for a lot of site owners; it flooded away their effort of years or months into gutter.

Beginning from April 24th, when the first Google Penguin Update was implemented (and a lot of business owners in the internet universe were thrown from the top) a huge amount of data was collected over 4 months from more than 7 000 website users to get a colution to compensate all negative effects of the Penguin update.

Here’s what you can do to make things right.  It may take a while but the results will put you at the right place to please Google:

  1. Don’t keyword stuff –  If your ranking has deteriorated due to keyword stuffing (too many keywords), do your keyword density analysis; it should be below 2% as per rule of thumb.  Try LSI keywords than the ones you aimed for before.
  2.  Diversify your anchor text – The anchor texts you use for link building should be 30% naked, i.e. without a text.  For example,,,, click here, etc.
  3. Focus on quality links only – Do not use anything Google considers is spam.  After the Penguin Update, high PR links become extremely effective but only if you use them together with other type of quality links.  Your link building campaign should include at least a few high 3PR + links without fail.
  4. Mix your links – Don’t rely on one type of link building.  To make your campaign safe and natural for Google, it’s mandatory to use several types of links.   But make sure that all types of links are quality and no spam included in your campaign.

After collection of data and after we tested dozens of new link building tactics for campaigns, we now have SEO link building strategies that can help you beat the Google Penguin Update or for those who just need to get on top of Google.  Please contact us for a free quote.