I am very excited to be an industry guest judge on the Hot House Program Presentation night on 16th April 2019.

Project background:

The Hot House Project was developed in response to Launch Vic’s funding opportunity announced in February 2018 that was targeted specifically at Local Government to support people with a business start-up idea.
Melton City Council was successful in securing funding and embarked on an engagement campaign targeting key cultural groups, aspiring entrepreneurs, and communities managed by land developers within the municipality who have identified a gap in the market, have an idea that could improve an existing service or product, or may have had a stroke of brilliance and think it can be commercialised.
The response to the Hot House Project was very strong with a wide variety of people showing interest. Over 120 people registered their interest in the project and from that there were over 64 ideas presented across the two warm-up events.
The final outcome was 2 program streams of specialised MasterClasses for participants to explore and develop their business idea further.
There will be 21 short business pitches taking place.
Program participants have been working weekly on refining their business pitch and have been advised to focus on the following although they are not required to present on all.
What is in a good pitch deck:
1. Elevator Pitch
2. The problem
3. Your solution
4. Market size
5. Business mode ($)
6. Marketing
7. Traction
8. Competitors
9. Team
10. The ask
Presentations will be 5 minutes all up (including Q&A).
Participants can present in any way they see fit eg, with or without slides.
Their presentation is all about them telling their business story.
Following the pitch there will be 2 minutes for Q&A.
Q&A will predominately take place via a website called menitmeter, which enables everyone to join in the interaction of giving feedback.
The judging panel and the audience will be asked to rate each business pitch on 3 questions.  At the end of each pitch the mentimeter collects the data in real time for presenter feedback. The judging panel will be asked to give their verbal feedback based on these questions and anything further you wish to convey.
Will keep you posted!