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New Product Release - Wordpress Security BlogDefender

Thursday, April 24, 2014

With hacking activity set to double again this year & 162,000 WordPress sites hacked in just one attack in March – how safe is your WordPress site today & can it survive the increasing barrage of bad traffic?

"Hackers are now playing more destructive games by implanting fake login pages, fake shops, spam relays & very nasty malware" – Matt says… "Most webmasters don’t even know their sites have been hacked – it takes an average of 162 days for a webmaster to spot a problem, 3 days to fix it & 1 in 4 hacked sites are never recovered"

Matt Garrett's product BlogDefender has an impressive "0" hacked site track record since it was first released in 2012.

His new product BlogDefender 2014 is the toughest WordPress Security Product released to date. It’s even easier to deploy & it runs WordPress in stealth mode so it’s hidden from general hacking attacks.

BlogDefender 2014 now protects against low volume botnet attacks, spammers, bad spiders, content scrapers & known bandwidth killers. Matt says no other product or service has gone to these lengths to keep websites secure & free of bad traffic..

Check it out whist it’s still on sale

BlogDefender 2014 Total WordPress Security – Simple, Strong, Smart & Proven Protection from Hackers & Bad Traffic