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Photoshop for Wordpress New Plugin

Monday, August 17, 2015

The biggest problem with WordPress has been that their image/media features are TERRIBLE and they haven't updated those in a very long time.

Did you know that around 20% of all world sites are made in WordPress! 

That's a massive amount, and so it makes sense to have a version of Photoshop for WordPress.

Wouldn't that be fantastic!  Photoshop right inside your WordPress admin where you can edit images within minutes. Every time you create a post or a page, WordPress site owners and content creators add at least one or two images.  WordPress review sites are claiming this as one of top 10 must have plugins for website users. It's getting awards and appreciation all over different WordPress communities. 

It adds a complete image editing suite right inside your WordPress site that will allow you to...

[+] Search from over 2 million images you can use on your site.
[+] These are Royalty-free images from 4 different sources.
[+] Quickly EDIT images just like PHOTOSHOP.
[+] Add 100+ Special Effects, Text, Borders and Graphics to your images.

Not just that...

[+] It has LAYERS just like Photoshop for advanced graphics work.
[+] Add Instragram like effects to images - make them stand out & look cool.
[+] FIX images - never have to fire up a photo editing software again.

Don't believe me? then check the demo yourself.


What I liked about CanvaKala:

1) Creating UNIQUE images is very important for SEO.

Google has “reverse image search” abilities. If you use the exact same image like other sites, they won’t give your site a boost in rankings. So, it’s not just about “having pictures in the content” – it’s about having UNIQUE (and properly-optimized) pictures in the content.

2) This is a very important feature that was missing from WordPress.

Until now, you had to open another window to find images in Google or other 3rd-party image sites, then you had to download them to your computer, open up an image-editing tool like Photoshop to just make some edits or improve the image (or to even crop/rotate/resize the images). CanvaKala makes this super easy.

4) It gives you access to over 2 million copyright-free HD images

...from sites like Pixabay, OpenClipart, Flickr and Instagram. These are images you can use legally on your site. Adding images to your sites is a great way to break up text and make your visitors stay around longer.

5) It allows you to edit those images without Photoshop

... right from your WordPress dashboard. You can resize, crop, add filters and effects, add text to pictures, draw shapes, add new pictures on top of the existing one, add colored borders etc. This means that you can create totally unique images, which is very important for ranking high on Google images.

6) You can easily SEO optimize those images changing their name, alt tag and description, so they rank high on Google Images. For example, if your post is about “dog training”, you can name your image “dog-training.jpg”. Google images is currently getting over 1 billion views a day, and you can get a piece of that.

7) CanvaKala is compatible with WordPress-multisite

What I didn’t like about CanvaKala:

Even though the plugin will create unique images, most people will not know the RIGHT way to optimize them for the search engines. Playing with the image editor will be fun, but you also need to make sure that the images rank as high on Google as possible.  Make sure you use the 'alt' tag on your images.  If you decide to purchase through any one of the links below, send me an email and I'll send you a free cheat sheet on how to optimise your images in WordPress for SEO.

All WordPress sites badly need this feature and that's why you should check it out today..

Direct links to the main offer and OTOs (One Time Offers):

Please read: I’m giving you direct links to all the OTOs. If you want to buy the PRO version of CanvaKala (OTO 1), you can buy it directly, without having to buy the standard version. That way, you will save some money. If you do client work, I recommend you buy the developer version directly (OTO 2). 

Main Offer: CanvaKala Standard: The WordPress plugin that replaces Photoshop.

OTO1: CanvaKala PRO: Does everything the standard version does, PLUS: 1) It creates viral meme images that your visitors will want to share on social media. 2) allows you to instantly share your images on Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, or Twitter to attract viral traffic. 3) Adds 700 fonts to your site, plus 50+ cool font effects. 4) Adds 20+ video skins you can use on any video on your site (even just YouTube videos). In my opinion, this is by FAR the better deal, because it gives your site a complete face-lift.

OTO2: CanvaKala PRO Developer License: Does everything the PRO version, PLUS, you can make extra money by installing the PRO version of CanvaKala on unlimited client sites. This is the right option for “offliners” and people who do client work.

OTO 3: Epic 3-in-1 Plugin Bundle: These three plugins will put your Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest marketing on autopilot. They will also generate traffic from social Media.

=>> Make a wise decision for your business now 

Watch demo video 

To sum up, now you can FIND, EDIT, CREATE & INSERT any number of images from right within WordPress without having to leave your site or having to go looking for images that are royalty free.

=>> This is an AMAZING PLUGIN - every WordPress site needs this; it's what is MISSING from every WordPress site and this makes your site complete.

This Plugin was launched 16th August and received a warm welcome in market. It has sold over 5000+ copies in under a day of it's release.

I hate hype, but having worked in WordPress sites for many years, I this is going to be a huge time-saver and a great tool, particularly for novice WordPress users. You’ll never have to spend more than 5 seconds finding images or fire up a Photo-Editing Software ever again while creating your blog posts/content…

You should check it if you're serious about business and your website which is your online identity.

This plugin is available at a low introductory price as it's introduced to the public, but it might not be available for very long.